Leo Teen Horoscope For Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday

Today's Teen Horoscope For Leo
Today: Sunday - November 19, 2017

You can tell things are going to be fine, but you're in kind of a weird position at the moment. Your best bet is to chill out and let other folks take the heat or freak out over the situation.

Tomorrow's Teen Horoscope For Leo
Tomorrow: Monday - November 20, 2017

Your ego is taking the day off, which means you might end up letting someone else take some of the credit for work you did. That's fine -- it actually pays off for you in the long run!

Yesterday's Teen Horoscope For Leo
Yesterday: Saturday - November 18, 2017

You have a better sense of what you want out of the future, but deal with the nuts and bolts sooner rather than later. Talk things over with someone who knows the score today.