Gemini Teen Horoscope For Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday

Today's Teen Horoscope For Gemini
Today: Sunday - November 19, 2017

You're a little freaked out about money, but not so much that you can't spend a little (if you have even a cent to your name). Just try to figure out how not to get back in the very same situation later.

Tomorrow's Teen Horoscope For Gemini
Tomorrow: Monday - November 20, 2017

You're not exactly known for being cheap, but today you may want to reconsider that. It's a good time for frugality, and even if you're sitting on a pile of cash for some reason, you don't want to spend a cent.

Yesterday's Teen Horoscope For Gemini
Yesterday: Saturday - November 18, 2017

You're in a great mood, and you should take pains to let people know how it's going -- and to check in with them, of course. Your way with words, already legendary, is better than ever today.