Monthly Horoscope For Virgo

Monthly Horoscope For Virgo
Horoscope Prediction For The Whole Month Of March 2018

The moon is full (one of two times this month) in your own practical sign on March 1, creating a very close mind-body connection. Now that things are jiving between head and body, you may be able to reach (or at least start on) some of those lofty health goals you've set for yourself.

A new Pisces moon on the seventeenth encourages your compassionate side to do something noble or courageous, and for the next week or so you can genuinely make a difference in the world. Start small and see where your charitable vision leads you.

The first Mercury retrograde period starts on March 22, and you probably know what to expect by now. Since you sense that pesky delays may be coming, plan to put your downtime to good use. Stuck on the subway? Read a blog or write your own. Stuck in traffic? Put on a podcast you've been eager to hear. Being prepared is half the battle.

On the thirty-first, loving Venus moves into fellow earth sign Taurus, where she's completely at home. You breathe a sigh of relief when the romantic pressure is lifted.