Scorpio Career Horoscope For Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday

Today's Career Horoscope For Scorpio
Today: Thursday - September 21, 2017

Use that human capital -- it doesn't earn interest. Customers will love you, so now's the time to woo them or upsell them on features or services they hadn't yet considered. Whatever you say will stick in their minds.

Tomorrow's Career Horoscope For Scorpio
Tomorrow: Friday - September 22, 2017

Beware! Your stubbornness could get you into trouble today at work. The worst-case scenario is a verbal tangle with your boss. Try to stay humble and easygoing -- for practical purposes, if nothing else.

Yesterday's Career Horoscope For Scorpio
Yesterday: Wednesday - September 20, 2017

Tell your supervisor exactly what's on your mind. If you have the rare privilege of working for yourself, take a time out and evaluate your current situation thoroughly. It may be time to get back into the structure of working for someone else.